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If you need to find a bail bondsman near me, need help with a Bartow bail bond or simply have question about how bail bonds work in Bartow, Florida – leave us a message using the form below or call for faster service. We are available 24 hours per day and never close.

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Please Take Note: We value the privacy and security of all of our current and future clients. That said, Bail America, our Bartow bail bonds office nor its agents throughout Florida will NEVER solicit bail bonds business from any client. Soliciting for bail is against Florida Law: Section 648.44 (b) and Bail America company policy. If you, a friend or loved one have been contacted by someone claiming to be from our office(s) please hang up and report the incident with as much detail as possible to Bail America headquarters at 863-533-2245, or use the form above.

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