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Weapons Charges Bail Bonds Services

What Bail America Bail Bonds Does:

Weapons Charges Bail Bonds Services

If you’ve been charged with possession of weapons, felon with a weapon, unlawful possession in the state of Florida you’ll need to use a Bail America bail bonds service in Bartow for fast release from Polk County jail. Bail America bail bondsmen near you start the bail bonds process with getting to know our clients and their needs, plus what they can afford. Weapons charges in Florida are no joke and require a bail advantage and a great criminal lawyer.

Whether this is your first arrest for weapons possession, trust a premium bail bonds company in Florida to give you the bail advantage. Call now for bail, fill out the weapons charges bail calculator to determine an approximate bond cost or the form below.

How Much is Your Weapons Charges Bail Bond?

Depend on one of the largest bail bonds services company in Polk County, Florida with flexible payment plans and terms available. Enter in the total bail amount needed to determine your approximate weapons charges bail costs:


Penalties for possession of a weapon (concealed or not) in Florida depend on if any threat was made, if the person is a felon, if the weapon was fired, could be punishable by up to life in prison and fine. Possession with intent to sell a weapon carries harsher penalties. While we can bail you out for weapons charges in, Florida, we’re not lawyers. Please consult a criminal defense attorney to help.

Questions About our Weapons Charges Bail Bonds Service?

If you have questions about our weapons possession bail bonds service in Bartow, FL; Bail America bail bonds offers a free, no obligation, bail consultation. Please check our FAQ for the most common questions about our premium bail services.

Whether it’s a bail bond for Florida weapons charges, assault & battery, theft & robbery, DUI charges, sexual assault charges, etc. We have the ability to quickly write the bond to get your friend or loved one out of Polk County jail quickly and efficiently. Simply call 863.533.2445 as fast as you can!

When you work with Bartow Bail Bonds agents you’ll receive the following bail bonds service:

Weapons charges bail bonds in Bartow Florida
Weapons charges bail bonds in Bartow Florida

What You Should Know About Weapons Charges in Florida

What you need to know about weapons charges in Florida and how bail bonds work in Florida, helping you get out and stay out of Polk County jail. Most serious weapons charges in Florida are felonies and could carry a prison sentence. Which is why it’s crucial you get out of jail to fight your case. Ask your lawyer, but using a bail bondsman near you just makes sense. You can get on with your life while working to fight your weapons charges.

Our licensed bail bonds services in Bartow also cater to attorney referrals. We welcome the opportunity to help attorneys get their clients out of jail so they don’t speak to cell mates, police, deputies or guards about their alleged criminal activity or charges. There are some things you should know about Florida weapons possession laws.

Meet Your Bartow Bail Bondsman

Your weapons charges in Florida might get you locked up, but Bail America can provide bail at any time of day or night. Call Doug to get a bail advantage on your bond.

Doug Moore

A licensed Bartow bail bondsman since 2000 and co-founder of Bail America bail bonds service of Polk County, FL.

Doug Moore Bartow Bail Bondsman
Doug Moore – Bail America Bail Bonds

Weapon Charges Bail Bonds FAQ

You have questions about weapon charge bail bonds service in Bartow, Florida, Bail America bail bonds has answers. Please read through this FAQ and if you have any additional questions please contact a local bail bondsman near you today using our chat, call (863) 533-2245 or the form below.

Please contact a licensed Florida criminal defense attorney for legal answers to your weapon possession questions.

How does a bail bond work after a weapons charge arrest in Florida?

Once arrested and booked for a weapons charge, you’ll be issued a bond amount (determined by the type of drug and amount you’ve been arrested for). You’ll pay a cash bond or one of our Bartow bail bondsman. Once the bond is paid you’ll be free to leave the Polk county jail (Central or South)

What happens if you get caught with a gun in Polk County, Florida?

If arrested in Polk County for unlawful possession of a weapon you’ll need to prove you are the owner and if you need a license to carry. If you aren’t supposed to have a gun, you will be arrested and transferred to SPC (Sheriff Processing Center ) in Winter Haven. At the SPC you will be finger-printed, have your mug shot taken and then further processed and transported to the Central or South jail to await a bond hearing.

How much will my weapons charges bail bond cost?

The bond amount is determined by the judge at your bail hearing. If you were caught with unlawful possession if a firearm, or are a felon your bail could be quite high . You will go in front of a judge for a first appearance to discover what your bond will be set at. At that time you can contact our Polk County bail company to get you out of jail.

How likely is jail time for a first offense of weapons charge in Florida?

This question should be answered by your criminal attorney. There are many factors involved including the type of weapon, if you were allowed to legally have a weapon and if anyone was hurt.

Is Polk County tough on weapons charges?

Yes. You don’t want to get caught with illegal weapons in Polk County Florida. If you are caught and need a bond for unlawful possession of a weapons, contact one of our bail bondsmen in Bartow, FL right away.

Can you go to jail for carrying a gun without a permit in Florida?

It’s a felony offense in Florida for a person to knowingly carry a concealed firearm without having a valid concealed carry license. The offense includes penalties of up to 5 years in prison or 5 years of probation.

Once I’m charged with a weapons possession, how long will I sit in Polk County jail?

It could be days, weeks or months. You’ll process at SPC which could take an hour or more, then transferred to Central or South jail to be held for a bond hearing and arraignment. If you have no bond you may sit in jail for months until your case comes up (or you plead out). If you get a bond, call us as fast as possible so we can get you out quick!

What is the lowest cost for Bartow weapons charges bail bonds service?

The lowest amount of bail is determined by the weapon you were caught with, if you are a felon and/or if the weapon was used in the commission of theft or burglary. You should always consult an attorney when it comes to legal questions. We have seen low bonds to bonds in the tens of thousands.

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